Daynelle Sanner

"I look forward to helping YOU find that fire that burns within!"

What happens when you believe something with all your heart?”

Belief fuels enthusiasm and determined enthusiasm explodes into passion. It fires your soul and uplifts our spirits. – Mac Anderson

With peaks of joy and valleys of heartache, life is a roller coaster ride. The rise and fall of which defines our journey. Day by day, we create pages, which turn into chapters of our life story. Choices we make daily affect our sense of wellbeing, thoughts and actions.

Dance and fitness have always been a part of my story, from grade school through college up until the present. Both have always served a purpose and I have found great enjoyment for not only myself, but most importantly, being able to enhance the lives of others. 

I have been blessed to work in various occupations over the years. I've spent time in both industry and academia as a Teacher, Hotel Manager, Training & Development Manager, Project Coordinator and Event Planner, to name a few. The common denominator in all of these, are people! I love working with people! I am thankful for each experience, as it has prepared me for this new endeavor.

Life is short and doing something that you’re passionate about to help others is my fuel for “Find Your Fire Fitness.” hence, the reason for the name. My first certification was in 2010 when I discovered Zumba. It was love at first sight. As one fitness certification turned into another, my list grew and continues to still grow. 

In addition to fitness and dance, I share a unique enthusiasm with my husband for both trail running and racing. The feeling of finishing a Spartan Race, 30K or triathlon distance is amazing. As crazy as it sounds, our date nights usually consist of training and we love it! Most importantly we are enjoying our time together! 

Over the years, I have taught fitness classes in various locations that have included; Cleveland, OH; Morgantown, WV; Friendsville, MD; Monroeville, Farmington, Uniontown, Connellsville, Mount Pleasant and a few others in-between, The amazing people that I have had the pleasure of teaching and learning their life story, has been the greatest gift.

Each of us has to find what fuels us,  in any aspect of our being. To create a space that allows for creativity, camaraderie, and wellness while helping to enrich the lives of others is my goal. Seeing it come to fruition is a dream come true. The support of God, my husband, parents, family, fitness family and friends means so much. Thank you!

I look forward to seeing and meeting each of you in class and helping YOU find the fire that burns within!